Getting Familiar with Instructor Career Programs

Scuba diving instructors require a lot of specific training to help other people take in the craft of underwater exploration. Get a fast perspective of the necessities and insights about instructor programs, work obligations and licensure to see whether this is the vocation for you.

Open Water Diver Instructor

Selecting in the Instructor Training Course is the following stage in the wake of achieving the Dive Control Specialist rating. Effectively finishing the course will make you qualified for an Instructor Evaluation. Passing the assessment will qualify you to instruct the Open Water Diver program, and in addition issue confirmations for Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer and different projects.

Advanced Open Water Diver Instructor

Move up to the Advanced Open Water Instructor essentially by fitting the bill for a sum of four Specialty Instructor evaluations and issuing 15 Specialty confirmations. This will make you qualified to educate the SSI Snorkel Instructor program, plus some SSI specialty courses.

Dive Master Instructor

In the wake of achieving the Advanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI) level, the following instructor level to procure is the Divemaster Instructor (DMI). Directing the Divemaster Crossover course for hopefuls from other scuba training organizations, as well as enlist in a Dive Control Specialist Instructor program are just few of the benefits of dynamic status Divemaster Instructors.


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