Lombok Travel: Where to Find the Best Handicrafts After the Dive

Lombok is famous for its traditional earthenware pottery made from local clay with distinctive Lombok Primitive designs. You can also purchase hand-woven sarongs and fabrics ( Ikat).


East Lombok is a small village which is steeped in tradition and is a major center for Ikat. Visit the small houses and shops here to purchase traditionally woven, colorful fabrics.


Close to Pringgasela, is a small pottery village. Wander the streets an see the pottery being made in the small yards behind the simple homes here and purchase the wares amazingly cheap price.



Five kilometers to the west of Peraya, heading south towards Kuta. This is a weaving village where quality ikat and traditional cloth is displayed and sold. Weavers work outside many of the shops using antiquated “backstrap looms” to painstakingly produce works of art. Some of the larger pieces can take several months to weave, and collectors from around the world visit this village to purchase the blankets, sarongs, and cloth produced here.



Easily reached on the road south to Lembar harbour, is an important center for pottery on Lombok. The small village is packaged with shops selling pottery produce in the area, as well as from the other main pottery-making villages such as Penujak and Masbagik. Lombok pottery, with its distinctive terracotta styles, has become famous internationally and is exported throughout the world.


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