Top Dive Destinations Perfect for the Family

Finding to balance diving journey with family time and finding escapades that suit the entire clan is one of the issues some scuba divers can have. Fortunately, for those families who loves to douse up the sun, take a peak at various cultures, and examine remote islands, there is a wide array of magnificent dive destinations out there for the kinfolks to enjoy.

Southern Riau, Indonesia

There are unquestionably more things to find around this archipelago with 2,408 islands organized around its area. Discover something new submerged, or appreciate the ecstatic above water milieu of Riau through liveaboard with other marine lovers. The secluded islands of Riau holds incredible submerged riches—from its prismatic coral reefs, clear blue waters, and rich marine biodiversity, this isle is perfect for a family adventure..

Tioman, Malaysia

Beside being a home to monkeys, butterflies, and reptiles, Tioman is in like manner extremely well known for its furiously beautiful shorelines and perfect tropical rainforests. Regardless, the thing that that genuinely describes this marine reservation isle is its mystical submerged world. Dive areas in Tioman are rich with corals, and wrecks. The east part of Tioman is moreover where the Juara Turtle Project, a brooding office that guarantees the conservation of turtles, is found.

Anambas, Indonesia

Anambas has overflowing, diverse marine ecosystem being in the Coral Triangle—this fuses in excess of 600 sorts of coral and 3000 kinds of fish. It is a perfect spot to see five of the seven sorts of sea turtle in this archipelago. Moreover, there are a tons of marine life to keep youngsters mystified.


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