Wreck sites and submerged sculptures in Asia

To add more excitement in your diving escapades, why not visit this creepy but extraordinary wreck sites and underwater sculptures located only at Asia. These sites are not only meant for visual attraction, they are also home to hundreds of sea critters.

USAT Liberty, Bali

The well known USAT Liberty wreck, brought down in 1942 by a Japanese submarine, is one of Indonesia’s most prominent dives. A 120 meter body, broken in numerous spots and congested with delicate corals of different hues. The ship is the host of in excess of 400 types of fish, including a great many bigeye jacks, which can be discovered hovering over the shipwreck like a corona.

Hardeep Wreck, Pattaya, Thailand

There’s no way to avoid it: With typically poor visibility and in some cases horrible streams, Hardeep is a difficult shipwreck to dive. In any case, for devoted wreck divers, it’s worth the hardwork—this WWII ship was sunk by a RAF B24 Liberator squadron off the east shore of Thailand in 1945, and lies on its side at around 25 meters. Its situating implies that its side windows presently shape an angling rooftop, which drastically streams light down on divers entering the completely open body. Seventy years of coral is encrusted around each railing and shard of metal, making the Hardeep a really reminiscent dive.


Living Sculptures, Bali, Indonesia

Bali and her dreamy white beaches are not just its only assets. It also one of the best places for island adventures—especially for diving. Some of Bali’s best underwater scenes are man-made, from traditional Balinese figures to underwater artworks. To create awareness of the reef’s struggle to survive in the face of pollution caused by humans, these artificial reefs were painstakingly crafted and positioned by different artists.


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