Why We Keep Diving Malapascua

What most diving guests do not know is that Malapascua is located in the core of the Coral Triangle. The clever looking sharks with long tails might be the superstars, however stick around on the grounds because the encore ought not be missed.


It may appear to be odd to go to the main place on the planet where you can dependably observe thresher sharks to go nudibranch chasing, yet ocean slugs are actually wherever you look! A sharp eye will rapidly discover bleak Thuridilla lineolata, Dorids and a little armed force of different species. For the thickest nudi activity around, look at the cleft on Deep Rock.

Why We Keep Diving Malapascua



Each night, a lovably loving types of dragonet goes off looking for a mate. Predictably, the brilliant fish locate an uncommon companion, and similarly as the sun is setting, partake in a marvelous little move. At first they welcome and begin swimming around each other, gradually ascending from the reef. Once at their pinnacle, they nestle and produce gametes into the water. The mandarinfish at Lighthouse Reef in Malapascua are particularly extensive and copious. Mindful picture takers can nail the brief moment of bring forth by following headings intently. In the first place, discover a couple and stay with them. Second, don’t utilize any light unless it is red. This makes centering a test, yet the little fish can get occupied out of their daily custom. At last, sit tight for the fish to begin swimming circles and ascend from the reef. After four seconds, they generate and dash back to their concealing spot in the coral.

Why We Keep Diving Malapascua


No article on Malapascua would be finished without the say of its most acclaimed tenant—the threshers of Monad Shoal. The creatures originate from pelagic water in the early morning hours to visit the cleaning stations on one side of the reef. They have been around enough jumpers that they are never again anxious of the eyewitnesses and come in very close. Plan to spend two or three mornings at Monad. Our first endeavor was crossed out because of climate, and our second was the primary no-indicate they had found in months. On day three, be that as it may, we had two threshers show up and put on one hell of a show.

Why We Keep Diving Malapascua


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