Scuba Diving Asia: Top Islands to Explore

No idea where to dive next? Here’s a voyage through the top of Asia’s most stupendous dive sites, home to sharks, whales, sunfish and more.

Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

Pulau Sipadan is the main maritime island in Malaysia, and before 2002 was the subject of an exceptional territorial issue with Indonesia. It’s appraised by numerous dive journals as one of the best dive destination on the planet.

One of the island’s extraordinary highlights is a turtle tomb, a submerged limestone cave that highlights numerous thin passages and chambers containing the remaining parts of green ocean turtles that have turned out to be trapped and drowned.

Similan Islands, Thailand

No outsider around the Similan Islands are clown fish. They are recognizable to most divers as “Nemo.” The white sandy shorelines, sensational rocks and shining waters of the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea are ideal for unwinding. Its isolated areas and marine life—including mantas, turtles, whale sharks, and a horde of other fish species—likewise makes it world-class.

Scuba Diving Asia: Top Islands to Explore

Derawan Islands, Indonesia

Stingless jellyfish are some of the peculiar animals to be found in the oceans around the Derawan Islands, which comprise of four occupied islands and two uninhabited islands off the east shore of Borneo.  Jellyfish feeds in Kakaban Lake on Kakaban Island—free from predators, they lost their defense mechanism—sting—over hundred years of evolution.


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