Scuba Diving and Yoga: The Perfect Duo

Scuba diving once had a notoriety for being a challenging game that no quiet yoga-sort would likely discover engaging. In any case, as most generalizations, this couldn’t possibly be more off-base. Yoga and scuba diving really have a great things in common, and these exercises manufacture aptitudes that supplement each other.

Concentrate on breathing

Scuba diving has one golden rule that may sound natural to numerous yogis: always remember to breathe. Pranayama, or yoga breathing exercises, connects the body with the soul, showing control over your psychological and physical state through breathing strategies. When you take long, full breaths amid yoga rehearsal, you’re building abilities that will help protect you underwater.

Yogis, how frequently does your instructor remind you not to hold your breath in a strenuous stance? This is an incredible reminder for scuba divers, too. Instinct instructs us to hold our breath amid physical effort, particularly submerged. But when you neglect to inhale uniformly, and particularly on the off chance that you hold your breath, you put yourself in high risk to overexpansion injuries.

Breathing is a skill

Overexpansion injuries happen in view of changes in the encompassing weight when you dive. As you move further, the air in your body packs on account of the additional weight of the water around you. As you approach the surface, that packed air extends once more. On the off chance that it has no place to go—as happens when you hold your breath—the growing air can harm your lungs, ears, and sinuses. Nonstop breathing is an expertise each diver needs.

Breathing like a yogi likewise encourages you to utilize oxygen all the more productively, so you’ll tire less and utilize less air underwater. This is awesome news for divers: great breath control is the way to an extraordinary dive, and lower air utilization frequently implies more base time.

The meditative mind

When you ask a diver and a yogi for what valid reason they cherish what they do, their answers will most likely be similar. Yoga and scuba diving both create a feeling of serenity that resembles an excursion from the worries of normal life. Both can make a thoughtful perspective that enables you to live completely in the now.

Scuba Diving and Yoga: The Perfect Duo


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