Things to do on first Anambas escapade

The Anambas Islands is a tropical archipelago in the far-flung area of Indonesia. Blessed with white-powder sand, fresh air and panoramic views, it is a must-go for every wanderlust diver out there. Here’s a suggestion on what to do the first time you visit this archipelagic haven:


Chill out on its ecstatic coasts

Unpolluted air, alabaster sand and unadulterated forests—three things that make Anambas the perfect place to unwind. Tourists can catch a glimpse of the teeming marine life of Anambas even out of the water because of its crystal clear waters.

Things to do on first Anambas escapade

Explore Anambas’ underwater

The archipelago is sure to attract divers—it is famed for its aquamarine waters! Its dive sites can compete with some of the world’s best dive spots. The island is proud of its wreck site—the infamous Igara Wreck, an Italian oil/ore ship that sunk in March 1973. It is now home to prismatic corals and sponges, snappers, groupers, batfish, and barracudas.

Things to do on first Anambas escapade

Feast on its local cuisines

Genuine Indonesian cuisine can be found here! Buffet on the best tasting fried noodles, nasi goreng, satay, and pisang goreng, matched with fresh coconut water—the perfect tropical adventures for your taste buds!

Things to do on first Anambas escapade


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