7 Sea Creatures to spot in Phuket

Have fun playing I spy with my little eye on your next dive as you get spot the rich marine fauna in Phuket. With crystal clear waters, you’ll have no hard time to spot our underwater friends!

Manta rays

One of the easier creatures to see while scuba diving is the Giant Manta Ray. These majestic creatures aren’t strangers to an audience. They could get close to divers and circle around them for some time. Phuket is blessed with the biggest of the breeds of manta rays.

7 Sea Creatures to spot in Phuket

Whale sharks

The holy grail of scuba diving, the giant creatures are very elusive and rare to see.  Often found around 12 meters in length and have been said to have reached up to 18 meters in size. They appear in Thailand unannounced and with no schedule which makes planning a dive with them almost impossible.

7 Sea Creatures to spot in Phuket

Leopard sharks

These sharks have been one of the best creatures to be always found in the Phuket area while scuba diving. They typically measure between around 7 feet in length. As long as approached correctly and calmly they could interact with divers.  Accessible to all levels of scuba divers as they can be found in both deep and shallow waters of Phuket.

7 Sea Creatures to spot in Phuket


The Hawksbill Turtle, is found in the southern areas of the island, the Green turtle on the other hand,   is found up north. The Hawksbill grows to about a meter long, and can live for more than 40 years. The Green turtles are larger. They could grow up to 1.5 meters and can live up for more than 80 years. They are not easily agitated by scuba divers and they are loved by young and old.

7 Sea Creatures to spot in Phuket

Black tip reef shark

The splendor of the Black shark is their fearsome shark shape but that is about where their fearsome ends. Their nature is that of a scared rabbit despite their intimidating looks. You’ll rarely see them as they flee to quieter waters. They really don’t like an audience. They can grow to around 7 feet in length, and can be found in the very shallow waters of Phuket.

7 Sea Creatures to spot in Phuket

Harlequin Shrimp

In the year 2014, more than six hundred Harlequin shrimps were released in the aquamarine waters of Phuket. These multi-hued crustaceans are spotted always in pairs. If you happen to see sea stars, these colorful creatures are definitely close by as sea start are part of their diet. They are rarely seen but they are definitely out there.

7 Sea Creatures to spot in Phuket

Clown Trigger Fish

A living art, the Clown trigger fish has the most amazing pattern on its body. They stand out even in limited visibility and seeing their colors brings a smile to any diver that sees it. They’re also rarely spotted but they are definitely worth the wait. They make a great muse for underwater photography. They can be found anywhere in the waters of Phuket from 1 meter to 75 meters in depth.


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