What to expect in diving Anilao?

Anilao is the birthplace of diving in the Philippines. That is why even when diving has become popular in other places in the archipelago, Anilao’s reputation remains solid. Today, this destination in Batangas, Philippines is not only famous among divers from Manila. It has also received awe from the international community.

Local gastronomy

One thing to love about diving in Anilao is that after a tiring day of exploring the underwater, you can always be sure that there is something delicious to eat. If you are looking for more than underwater adventure, Anilao will never disappoint you. The local dishes here in this destination reveal a lot of its culture and history. In Anilao, not only you get to have a satisfying dive—you also get to have a happy tummy after your dives.

People of Anilao

Hospitality is Anilao’s middle name. Anilao locals are happy people—you just won’t see a frowning staff! Locals here are warm and welcoming—also one of the reasons why we keep on coming back to dive in this piece of paradise.

Diving Anilao

There are over 50 dive sites in Anilao. Now you know why scuba diving in the Philippines began here! Most of these spots are located at the southern part. So, if you are planning to dive in Anilao, choose a place to stay on this part; you will have shorter boat rides going to your desired dive site.


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