Top 5 Most Colorful Fish Species

There’s something about the underwater world that keeps divers coming back for more. Most especially underwater divers. What else if not for the perfect contrast of the kaleidoscopic sea creatures and the dark ocean bliss or the aquamarine waters of some of the world’s most renowned beaches. We gathered some of the world’s favorite fish species and pick a favorite!

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

A display of a dark, electric blue and white rings hue the delicate plating of a young Emperor Angelfish. Its colors darken to a beautiful blue and yellow stripes when it reaches adulthood. Pretty, nonetheless.

Top 5 Most Colorful Fish Species 

Candy Basslet

It’s vibrant pink and orange stripes make the Candies a holy grail fish that can be found 50 miles East of Curacao. Home aquarium owners or hobbyists are willing to pay for more than $1,000 to have this rare jewel in their collection.

Top 5 Most Colorful Fish Species

Parrot fish

Joining the list is the Parrot fish. This fish species is known to change its shape, color, and even gender during its life. What’s not to love? Over 90 different species, the said fish can be seen lurking in coral reefs, seagrass beds and rocky coasts.

Top 5 Most Colorful Fish Species

Moorish Idol

A hallmark of anything related to marine life, the Moorish Idol’s distinct zebra stripes, and yellow fins and tail make it an icon. As the Moorish Idol floats across the reef is a lesson about grace and beauty. It is often mistaken with the Bannerfish. The Bannerfish has yellow caudal fins instead. The Moorish Idol has a distinctive tubular snout while the false idol has a narrow snout.

Top 5 Most Colorful Fish Species

Regal Tang

Found in the waters of the Pacific and Indian ocean, the effervescent blue fish with a yellow tail must definitely join the list! Their vibrant color matches their very aggressive persona. They were even more sensationalized when Pixar released the movies, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Top 5 Most Colorful Fish Species


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