Here’s How to Catch Up on the 2018 Scuba Diving Hype

Scuba diving is the new sports craze this 2018! We’re not surprised at all. Scuba diving offers a handful of benefits, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental fitness — not to mention the thrill you’ll experience underwater! Here’s a list on how you can catch up on the scuba diving hype this 2018!

Here's How to Catch Up on the 2018 Scuba Diving Hype

Sign up to the Open Water Diver Course

With the advancement in scuba diving technology, diving safely is now available for people of all ages and sizes. If you have met the medical prerequisites for scuba diving already, then you are all set for signing up to SSI Open Water Diver Course! Taking up this course will equip you with the fundamental underwater navigational skills and proper use of diving equipment. It will also allow you to experience diving with a maximum depth of 18 meters/60 feet. Now you can mingle with hundreds of communities of divers all over the world!

Here's How to Catch Up on the 2018 Scuba Diving Hype


Get your diving gears ready!

Know which diving equipments to rent or purchase! Scuba diving is an equipment-dependent sports (unless you have gills and a set of inborn fins). It will require you to use a full-set of diving gears — from a dive mask to a BCD to a pair of diving fins. Since you are just starting up your scuba diving journey, you can rent for now and buy only personal items such as wetsuits, masks and fins. But, remember that as you advance your escapades as a diver, it is an advantage if you have your own full-set of scuba gears. Owning your gears will allow you to be certain of its fit, maintenance and function.

Here's How to Catch Up on the 2018 Scuba Diving Hype

Choose an essential theory to learn!

Understanding how scuba diving can affect your body, gears and environment can contribute to a successful scuba diving experience. There are tons of theory courses out there that will make you appreciate your underwater adventures more. Plus, you will learn extra tips on safe diving and cool hacks on how to prepare for your next dives.

Care to Dive. Dive to Care.


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