Eko Divers Auction & Sales

Hey Divers!


If you haven’t heard it yet, Eko Divers will be holding an Auction Event again!


Yes! Finally, the Auction is back!


Equipments from Snorkels to Regulators will be on Auction & some will start from as LOW as $10!


Do not miss the event THIS Saturday, 2nd December 2017!


Here are some equipments that will be on Auction:-

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1. Seac EGO BCD

Ever felt getting your own BCD is a bit too expensive or impractical and basic entry level to use?


WHAT IF we said we are offering a Seac Ego BCD with a starting bid of $100?!!


The Seac Ego BCD is an entry level BCD made from tough materials with plenty of features which include:

Roomy pockets with velcro closures on flaps.

External size label for immediate identification

A Power inflator which is easy to press on inflating and deflating.

Lightweight design is comfortable to wear and easy to transport

The Seac EGO BCD is light but tough.

It’s built from polyurethane-coated 1000 D Cordura to resist tears and scuffs.

This superior abrasion resistance makes the EGO ideal for diving centers, schools, and boats where gear is subjected to intense use.


2. SEAC PRO 1000 BCD

Although similar to the SEAC EGO, The SEAC Pro 1000 is an upgraded BCD.

We’ve seen a lot of different designs for weight systems, all trying to strike the sweet spot for simplicity, security and easy ditching.

The weight system on the Pro 1000 is one of the best.

Rather than sticking the locking mechanism inside the pocket, the Pro 1000 places it outside in a smooth plastic housing where it’s easy for divers to grip and latch.

Pockets are large and with zippers, the power inflator provided good control, the

mouthpiece for the oral inflator is small and rock hard.

A nice touch is the two-position chest strap, which is easy to move up and down.


Biding will start at only $150!!


3. SEAC GP100

The good point of this fin:

  • rigidity of the blades
  • fit of the foot-pocket and
  • robustness of the spring-straps

Combined to make these the best fins you’ve ever tried.


Therefore, SEAC GP100 are seriously tough fins for seriously tough divers.


Choosing fins is a very personal affair. Make one that you won’t regret.

Grab them this Auction with Bid starting from $40!



DO NOT MISS our Sales that’s going hand-in-hand with the Auction THIS Saturday!


If you’re not interested in the Auction, you can always come down to enjoy the SALES this Saturday.

We’re not kidding when we mention it’s UP TO 60%!


We have many other equipments – like Regulators, Snorkels, Dive Bags and etc. – up for Auction these Saturday!


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With Love,

EKO Team

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