3 (Life-Saving) Diving Gears to Get this New Year

Getting your own diving equipment is super important in your journey as a scuba diver. Not only will you be sure of its fit, comfort and function, having your own gears will save your bank account in the long run.

Since (we’re very sure) you already purchased the personal items such as wetsuits, fins, snorkels, and masks (tell us you have them!), it is high-time you invest (yes, you have to) on these life-support gears this coming new year.

3 (Life-Saving) Diving Gears to Get this New Year

1. Buoyancy Compensator Device

The BC is the most complex equipment you’ll ever own. You’ll have it with you for many years. Our advice is to choose quality over cost. Try on different models until you find the one that fits your diving personality.

Function: The BC is where your life-support clings to. It holds your gears, carries your tank with less effort, and lets you achieve perfect buoyancy at any depth.

Cost: SGD$500 – SGD$1,500

3 (Life-Saving) Diving Gears to Get this New Year

2. Dive Computer

Diving tables are dead! Dive computers are the new lords of safe diving and dive logging. In choosing a dive computer, it is important to know your personal needs as a scuba diver. Are you planning to use mixed gases someday for decompression diving? If yes, choose the one that offers the mix of features you need at a good price.

Function: Dive computers monitors depths and bottom time, recalculate your no-decompression status, gives you longer dive times, and monitor your ascent rate and tank pressure. It also log your dives.

Cost: SGD$400 – SGD$1,400

3 (Life-Saving) Diving Gears to Get this New Year

3. Dive Regulator

This one is vital for your survival underwater. You need to do your research before buying a regulator: ask a trusted dive store, consult expert divers, and read lots of reviews about the product.

Function: A regulator converts high-pressure air in your tank to breath-able air. It also delivers air to other parts of your gears such as your BC inflator and second stage.

Cost: SGD$450 – SGD$1,000

Care to Dive. Dive to Care.


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