Pulau Hantu: Best Weekend Dive Site

Yes, you read that right. As chilling as it may seem, Pulau Hantu literally means Ghost Island in Malay. This place also won’t put its name to shame, because this twin-island is always ready to give you the thrill.

Macro Photography

Pulau Hantu is popular for its little creatures. This is a great spot for photographers who want to engage in macro photography. Some of the critters can even be smaller than the size of your nail. Aside from being small, they’re also weird looking and colorful, which is perfect if you like spotting odd creatures.

Island Walking

Who wouldn’t want to have a morning walk on an island when they’re on a holiday? It may sound cheesy to walk with a partner but it sure is romantic. You can also do it with your group of friends or family. You cross the two islands during low tide and you can also do campings as long as you have a permit.

Diving in Pulau Hantu

Pulau Hantu is a great place for muck divers as its waters are fairly shallow. It may be challenging to dive because of the low visibility, still, it is a great chance for an adventure! Pulau Hantu is also popular for its wide variety of soft, hard and mushroom corals.


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