Tioman: The all-in-one adventure island

Beaches, waterfalls, and a range of forest. All of these can be found in one single island. Tioman is a paradise known for its dragon-like appearance, believed to be a beautiful dragon princess. But it’s not all appearance, because this island has a lot more to offer.

Wildlife and Marine Reserves

Tioman introduces you to a diverse marine life and the rainforest also homes wonderful species. The crystal clear waters are enticing you to explore the underwater environment. Since Tioman is a marine park, never fail to find a good diversity of the aquatic life.


If you prefer the breeze under the moon and stars, there are few bars that serve cheap beers. They also have bonfires to complement the atmosphere of a perfect outdoor night out. Surely, Tioman makes it the most of your time from day till night.


Ranging from surfing, snorkeling and of course, diving, there are a lot of things to do when in this paradise. With all the things that Tioman can offer, who would want to miss an opportunity to experience and be more closer to the waters? Keep in mind that it is only reasonable to dive and be one with the ocean when giving the chance!


Care to Dive. Dive to Care.


Diving Courses

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