Why night diving is the new cool?

A breezy night stroll on land might be a little scary for you. What more roaming the underwater without the guidance of the sun’s natural light? Terrifying! But you know what? One of the coolest trends among divers nowadays is a specialty course called Night Diving and Limited Visibility. Here are 4 reasons why night diving is the new cool:

Why night diving is the new cool

1. Night diving: Corals transform into fascinating colors at night

As you dive just before dawn, you will be able to watch the beauty of marine life as they transform into something that you don’t see during your regular day dive.  During the day, you benefit from the natural light, but the moon is up at night to show you different colors in the spectrum. The colors of the reef become more intense with the help of your diving torch because shining a flashlight on underwater formations focuses your attention and lets you see their true colors.

Why night diving is the new cool

2. Night diving: Watch underwater nightglow

Bio-luminescence or phosphorescent plankton takes night diving to a whole new level. This is a unique diving experience awarded only to the bravest divers. When tiny star-like planktons are move through the water in the dark, they emit a small spec of light looking almost like a glowing starry sky. This phenomenon always mesmerized night divers as if they are being held under a magic spell that makes them look in wonder.

Why night diving is the new cool

3. Night diving: Nocturnal critters sightseeing

Marine life at daytime is fantastic but to truly appreciate the wondrous beauty of life in the ocean, be there at night. As the sun goes down, you will start to view a new perspective of the underwater creatures who work at night shift. In full darkness, octopus, squid, and cuttlefish moves away from their camouflage position and starts roaming the reef. Coral polyps open, lobsters come out of their hiding places, and sharks start hunting for their food while their eyes glow in the light beams. Night divers get to see the food chain in action, coral spawning, and some mating behaviors.

Why night diving is the new cool

4. Night diving: Take underwater night photos!

Night diving photography is like a box of chocolates – you’ll never know what you’re gonna get! A good photographer knows that lighting is everything so you have to bring your weapon. Most fishes are drawn into the primary light that will make them closer to you and some will even use your light to hunt. The surfaces and polyps of corals are easy subjects to start with. A range of other marine animals also fluoresces, which you should look for. The sea will grow deeper, one shot at a time, into darker shades of night.

I bet Night Diving and Limited Visibility specialty course will send chills down your backbone even though you’re geared up with a 7mm full body wetsuit! How long will you last submerged into the pitch black water, armored only with a dive torch and a dive knife? Will you let the darkness stop you from exploring more of scuba diving?

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