4 Diving Gears You Should Stop Renting

Divers are torn between buying and renting their own diving gear at some point in time. If you have developed a hobby in this sport, you should probably consider ditching rental shops for some of your gear and start investing to own yours. Here are 4 pieces of diving equipment that you should start researching for future purchases:

4 Diving Gears You Should Stop Renting

Diving Mask

You would not want to spend your entire dive clearing your foggy leaking rented mask. A mask is an essential item for an incredible dive and you cannot expect a rental shop to have a mask that is in top-notch condition. The best scuba mask should give you a great field of vision, provide a good seal around your face, and will be comfortable for the entire duration of your dive. It is worth investing in a good fitting mask rather than missing the beauty of the underwater just because you chose to wear a mask that has been worn by who knows who.

4 Diving Gears You Should Stop Renting


There is no standard sizing when it comes to wetsuits and rental shops carry different brands in different sizes. Having your own well-fitting wetsuit will help you avoid the frustration of trying multiple sizes in dive centers hoping that you’ll get the right one and still end up with either too loose or too tight.  If you decide to rent a wetsuit, you have to check the seams and seals because damaged or worn wetsuits can greatly affect your buoyancy and body temperature. Owning your own wetsuit means that on all single dives, you know your gear fits you perfectly and you’re the only person who peed in it.

4 Diving Gears You Should Stop Renting

Diving Fins

Your choice of fins can set the tone of your dive. Those scuba fins might feel great in the rental shop while you’re standing on dry land but are they 100% comfortable finning in the water? No one can tell until your toes are being pinched during your dive. They also contribute a lot to your safety, poor fitting fins can cause cramps and blisters. Fins are your shoes underwater, be sure to buy the one that fits you well.

4 Diving Gears You Should Stop Renting

Dive Computer

You’ll want to be familiar with your computer rather than trying to learn a new one in each trip. Rental shops offer them at a steep price and you’ll never know what to expect from the store. Trying to figure out a different model of a rental computer each time you dive can be time- consuming and frustrating. If you are planning to purchase one, you should know your diving level and look for a computer that suits your needs.

You’re probably thinking that you save more bucks when you rent your equipment from head to toe but there are a lot of other things at expense. Owning your gear is the best way to become familiar with how to use everything and react to any problems or hazards without panic. Start investing today and have a happy diving life!

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