Advancing in Phuket…A true experience told…

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
As a person who enjoys travelling to beaches, I’ve always done snorkelling when I am there as I love to watch fishes swim under me. I have been thinking of scuba diving ever since my first dive but have always been giving myself excuses because of the theory examinations and swimming tests. Did I mention I’m a weak swimmer?

When I first visited the Adex fair on April 2016, my friends and I decided: “Why not we give scuba diving a shot?” That decision completely changed my life.

During my first dive into the ocean, I was completely blown away by a feeling which simply cannot be described with words. The complete silence under the water allowed me to leave all my troubles which are on land. It was at that moment when I felt that scuba diving is something I want to continue as a hobby.
Did I mention that after my first scuba diving I am not into snorkelling anymore?

After my first dive, I started to read up more about scuba diving.
After completing my Open Water course, I decided to continue to obtain my Advance Adventure Open Water certification. Thus, I began to research on different scuba schools for my course. After months of researching, I decided to enrol in Eko Divers. The course was held at Phuket from 12 to 15 Jan 2017 and now here I am now, having proudly obtained my Advance Adventure Open Water certification.

I highly recommend every one of you to give Phuket a shot, be it for leisure or for educational purposes.
During my trip to Phuket, the sea visibility was near perfect for me as it was 20-25 metres compared to my first open water dive, when the visibility was only 5-7 metres. Phuket’s waters were comfortably warm for diving too.

I’ve also been to different dive sites such as Shark Point, Kings Cruiser, Racha Noi Banana Bay and Koh Doc Mai.


My favourite site was Kings Cruiser as I had always wanted to try out wreck diving. The experience was memorable for me as fishes at the wreck were especially unique.
On top of that, I also did deep diving as part of the criteria for Advance Adventure. We performed a descent of 28 metres, this is to prepare us for other diving sites which require a deep diving specialty certification.

Before I end my blog, I would like to say this to all who have an ambition to start their first dive: The first step is always the hardest but it will be the best decision of your life.

Signing out
Daneil – 6 months old diver

Photos credit to New Phuket diver friend Yao Di (Middle Lady on the bike)

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