Why wait?… Advancing with Diving!

This post is dedicated to all uncertain, procrastinating and lost open-water divers out there – wait no more. Do your Advanced Open Water course and do it now!

It is not uncommon to ask yourself after your Open Water course – now what? Well first, congratulations on becoming a diver! You now hold a passport to the endless opportunities of the underwater world, another dimension you may never be able to experience had you not taken the first step. Now that you have checked this off your bucket list, do you really want to go another step further?

“I’m soooo lazy to plan!”
“I don’t know where to go!”
“Is it really worth it…?”

AOWD Pic 1

Perhaps the better question to ask is: why not? Why limit yourself to 18m when an unexplored world awaits you beyond? Why limit yourself to the skills learnt in your Open Water course and not unleash yourself to your fullest potential? Why deprive yourself of watching little critters sneaking out or shark hunting at night? So, why not?

For those of you wonder where you may go for your Advance Open Water course, fret not. The opportunities are limitless. We offer a wide range of destinations in South-East Asia to suit all of your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a short weekend-trip or a 4d3n break, talk to us and we will give you our recommendations! Below are some short-haul course trips we went for in 2016.

TiomanAOWD Pic 2

AWOD pic 3

AOWD pic 4


AOWD pic 5

AOWD Pic 6 BintanAOWD Pic 7

AOWD Pic 8 *unicorn not provided

AnambasAOWD Pic 9

AOWD Pic 10

AOWD Pic 11

Our all-time favorite!

And none other than our very own MV Nautica

AOWD Pic 12

Happy divers, happy crew!

AOWD Pic 13

Watching the sunset from where the sun sets.

So what are you waiting for?

Keep your eyes peeled on our Dive Your Choice Dive Calendar 2017 for the exciting line-up of trips we have for the year! (Hint: Maldives, Manado and Malapascua included! Mmmmm~)

PSSSTTTT: ADEX is happening on 7 – 9 April 2017 this year at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (Halls 401 – 403). Irresistible deals with unbelievable discounts! Don’t say bo jio!
Image credit: Contributors of SgDivers

Spreading the love for bubbles,
Joyce Khoo

Care to Dive. Dive to Care.


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