Magneficent Malapascua – The World’s Only Home of the Ballet Sharks

For under a thousand dollars, there’s not much to ask for when presented with as majestic a dive destination as Malapascua. At Monad Shoal, rated among one of Asia Pacific’s top ten dive sites, thresher sharks can be reliably encountered every day. At this sunken island 25 m deep, divers get the chance to see these magnificent creatures at their cleaning sessions, and might even see their pelagic thresher sharks relatives!

Zooming in, Malapascua also offers a unique balance of macro life. Keep your eyes peeled for Harlequinn shrimps, Pygmy seahorses and mandarin fishes in their unspoiled coral gardens. To add, this time of the year is especially special as you guys are in for the mandarin fish mating season! Do not miss this chance to see the exotic mating dance of the males and the adoring females.

Drooling over your keyboard? Fret not! Eko Divers will be organizing a 5D4N trip to Malapascua over the Labour Day long weekend, from 29 April to 3 May. This is the optimum period to dive at Malapascua where you could possibly catch a glimpse of cat sharks, bamboo sharks as well as hammerheads.

If you are still contemplating, here are a few more plus points to convince yourself.
– There are direct flights from Singapore to Cebu offered (Under 4 hours)
– Wriggle through the Dona Marilyn Wreck and say hi to resident giant moray eels and marble rays
– Spot the conspicuous Denise pygmy seahorses amongst the orange sea fans during the wall dives at Calangamman

For more information, do drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you as fast as the thresher sharks catches it prey.

Fun fact: They use their unusually long heterocercal tail as a weapon to stun their prey by sending out shockwaves. Watch them in action here :

Thresher Shark

Pygmy Seahorse

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