Why you should consider the SRT7


FrontAre you someone who loves night dives, but hates using rental torches because you can not see anything unless you are a metre away from it? Well I know I do, so I have the perfect torch for you. Have you heard of Nitecore? If not let me tell you a little bit about them. They generally make tactical lights, used to blind people while special forces are breaching houses. Though they recently redesigned a few of their torches to be used for scuba diving! The most popular being the SRT7. Which gives out an impressive 960 lumens at peak power! On top of that blinding power, it is also equipped with three RGB LED’s that can be turned on at anytime with four different functions. An only red, green, and blue function. As well as a flashing red and blue function. The solid blue function is excellent because underwater, there a corals and even a few animals that reflect the blue light in beautiful ways! Sort of like when you put a white shirt under an UV light. It has a similar effect.

Now lets move on to my personal experience with it. Whilst under the water, it is an excellent torch. It might even be a bit too bright at times. Though luckily it has a dimmer on it, because after you spot something its almost necessary to turn down the intensity, otherwise the animal you are looking at will bolt for the nearest coral head. But you will be able to see everything, This light is practically a sun under the water. The battery also lasts surprisingly while on full power. I was able to use it for almost three days on that power!

Unfortunately there are ups and downs with everything right? So lets talk about someof the cons. There have been a number of reviews about the SRT7’s flooding. Though I have used it dive after dive with no sign of leakage. I think that comes from user error, tightening the cap to much to the point where the O-ring bulges out and breaks the seal. Or because they will play with all of the points where the torch can be opened and do not take the proper precautions to make sure the seal is good. On the upside Nitecore offers a one to one warranty, so if anything does happen you can exchange for a new one.

So considering the pros and the cons of this torch, I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Luckily we just became a supplier of Nitecore products! So if you are interested in this torch or any other Nitecore products do come down to the shop!


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