Eko Divers is embarking on an adventure!

Next weekend- Eko Divers sets off on an adventure to the beautiful waters of Tioman… Sounds familiar, but this time- We are travelling there on board the MV Ark Live On Board!

For anyone who doesn’t already know- Live On Boards are the ultimate way to go diving! A big boat that you ride to dive sites, sleep on, eat on, and then ride home again! It’s like a taking a cruise where you get to go diving at sites not many people can normally visit! Tioman is such a place that has many, many incredible sites that aren’t usually visited, but are the norm for Live On Board trips.

Board the ship, sleep on the way to the dive site, wake up, dive, eat, sleep, and repeat until you get home!

Sound good? That’s because it is!


– EKO Divers

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