Eko Divers running for sharks at the 2012 Sundown marathon!

Singapore is home to the Sundown marathon this coming weekend. It starts at midnight and the course passes by many of Singapore’s most famous landmarks. Thousands of people will be competing- Some local, some visitors… Among them, some of our crew will be running the distance too.

Their goal is not only to push their personal limits, and achieve their goals, but also to raise awareness and help to raise funds for Project AWARE’s shark conservation projects. We have runners in nearly every category- Male, female, 10k, 21k, 42k…

Sharks are of course a hot topic in environmental conservation, simply because they are disappearing fast, and we must act quickly to save them. Saving them, while in itself is important, is more importantly a necessary piece of the puzzle for protecting our oceans for future generations overall.

So, what can you do to help out? Our runners would appreciate any support you can give- You can find out more, and make donations here: http://www.everydayhero.com.au/divers_for_sharks

You can also find out more about Project AWARE’s good work here: http://www.projectaware.org/

Please show your support for our divers, Project AWARE, and the ocean!

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