Look: New underwater art in Maldives

Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has presented his most recent work, the “Sculpture Coralarium” in the Maldives. This is the world’s first semi-submerged craftsmanship display, as indicated by deCaires Taylor, and the Maldives’ first submerged exhibition hall.

The British craftsman has shows in Cancun, the Bahamas, Grenada, Lanzarote (Spain) and England, yet this denotes his first endeavor into the Indo-Pacific.

Credits: Jason deCaires Taylor

The Coralarium depends on the island resort Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, simply seaward. The 20-foot-tall sculpture gets through the water’s surface, yet changes with the tides. The dividers of the structure are intended to “inhale,” enabling marine life and the water to openly go through while swimmers can investigate inside. The work likewise includes a coral pathway with in excess of 60 coral pots growing 200 or more cuttings of staghorn coral.

  • Used to Create the Coralarium
  • 180 tons of architectural elements
  • 66 marine grade stainless steel panels
  • 432 square meters of laser cut stainless steel
  • 10 hybrid-organic sculptures on plinths
  • 6 fully submerged sculptures on the seafloor
  • 6 rooftop sculptures
  • 6 fully submerged popular trees seaming coral pathway
  • Coral pathway with over 60 coral flower pots growing over 200 cuttings of staghorn coral

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