How to dive like a pro

On your next dive trip, attempt these five straightforward tips—they may enable you to dive like an expert.

Do what needs to be done.
Begin by removing a pound or two on your next jump. By doing this and following the following four hints, you might have the capacity to get by with beginning off with somewhat less weight.

Keep a Dive Log.
Record the measure of weight you use for each plunge you make. Likewise take note of the thickness of the neoprene of the wetsuit you wore. This won’t just enable you to adjust your weighting for future plunges, it will fill in as an initially record for whenever you jump a similar site.

Utilize the Deflator.
As you start your drop for the plunge, hold the inflator hose over your head and stretch it upward a bit. Ensure its connection point to the BC is at the most astounding position. Ledge not sinking? Ensure you’ve breathed out all the air in your lungs and take a stab at crushing the BC against your chest with your free arm to free the BC of any air pockets that might influence your lightness. In the event that that doesn’t work, utilize the plunge line. When you get to 15 or 20 feet, the water weight should enable you to dive.

Take as much time as is needed and Relax.
Toward the start of the plunge, take a couple of full breaths at the surface to place you in the correct outlook for diving. This will quiet any nerves. Slide as “discreetly” as could reasonably be expected — if feet first, endeavor to point your blades descending so they don’t hinder your drop. Try not to thrash your arms or kick your legs. At that point once you’ve come to the settled upon place to meet your pal — the mooring pin or some other area, respite and ensure you’re agreeable, loose and prepared to investigate.

Utilize Your Breath.
A lung loaded up with air can include as much as 10 pounds of lightness. Breathe out totally as you start your plummet. Once at profundity, attempt to inhale uniformly and frequently. Prior to going after the inflator/deflator hose to control your lightness, unwind and utilize your inward breaths and exhalations to work. With every inward breath, you should begin to rise. Breathe out, and you should begin to sink. In the event that you do need to utilize the inflator to get impartially light, endeavor to utilize it sparingly — give only one short burst and give it an opportunity to alter. On the off chance that you end up adding and subtracting air to and from your BC always, you’ll feel like a submerged yo-yo — and you’ll quit getting a charge out of the plunge.

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