Heading to Tioman? Here’s what you need to know first.

Home to unblemished white shorelines, unadulterated rainforests, colorful myths and legend, and of course, ethereal plunge locales, Tioman is a really a safe house for divers and hikers alike.

Tioman Dive Sites

Tioman plunge destinations are sublime—investigate the blissful Labas, the beguiling Renggis Island, the gorgonian-fans-inexhaustible Chebeh, the Bahara Rock where you can discover a garden of anemone. Dazzling nudibranchs and shrimps are inexhaustible in Tioman and in addition turtles, barracudas, stingrays, cuttlefish, reef sharks, bumphead parrot angle, moray eels and lion angles.

Best Time to Dive Tioman

Amid the long periods of March to May, and September to November, you can anticipate the best perceivability (15 to 30 meters). Amid June to August, the perceivability for the most part drops to around 8 to 12 meters however diving is as yet incredible. You likewise ought not miss the mating period of cuttlefish on February.

Resorts in Tioman

There are quantities of resorts in Tioman yet Berjaya Tioman Resort is the greatest in the island. It is masterminded on a gigantic section of land of land with broad beachfront and rich wild surroundings at the western edge of Tekek Village. A bleeding edge four star resort with broad offices and enhancements including a move floor, work rooms, plunge focus, spa, fairway, group building circuit, swimming pools and diverse eateries. Convenience contains intriguing chalets and duplex structures propelled by standard town designing, perched on stilts along the beachfront. Perfect for an aggregate family escape.

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