Road to Dive Master…A Tale to be Told

Tioman has been well known for the past few years as a famous dive site for new open water divers to be certified. However, many overlook the wonderful biodiversity found in the reefs surrounding this island.

Tioman is home to many reefs from the famous Renggis, to the lesser known Labas islands. All home to different marine life. After being back here for the third time, I am still being surprised by the new sea creatures we manage to find. From a Banded Sea Krait to Cat Sharks. Spotting cuttlefish and sharks in the dark during night dives never ceases to amaze. Each trip here brings about new discovery!


However, this time this was a course for Dive Master Trainees to finish learning all the necessary skills to eventually lead leisure divers and assist in courses. Being on course is of course leads to a unique experience from leisure dives as we were required to hold additional responsibilities for the trip to run smoothly. This new perspective really opened my eyes to the complexity of diving operations from boat management to taking care of your dive group.


How far you go depends how far you dare. Continuous education brings about new insights to how far we can push our limits safely. Seeing the newly certified Divers reminds me of my first Open Water dive in Tioman and how far I’ve come. Tioman has and always will be a place where divers are born and nurtured.


Love from a passionate Divemaster to be …soon….

Rafael Tan Wen Kai,

Eko Divers

Care to Dive. Dive to Care.


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