Tango in Tenggol…

Why Tenggol? Because Dayang is resting??…
This is what went through my mind when i first decided to explore beyond my favourite nearby dive destinations – Dayang & Tioman!
That decision only open my eyes to more amazement & affirmation that Malaysia has got a lots more to offer to divers of all levels…
The extra day leave for 4D3N is the best decision!
Here is a recount of how my Tenggol exploration went…and verdict is definitely on my “HAVE TO GO AGAIN” list 🙂

Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island is an island off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is the last island in a string of islands that include Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. It is connected by ferry to Dungun on the mainland.

At the Kalau Dungun King jetty where we take a ferry to Tenngol island, you will be greeted by helpful boat crew and also informative signs.

After you had put your dive bags at the allocated area near the pier where the boat is or will be, you will be pointed to waiting or holding shed for some administration briefing.

Tenggol beach island has their own liability forms where all divers will be asked to complete and sign. At this point, smokers can whip out there cigarette to chill and get acquainted with the smoker gang. Non smokers can mingle in the shed and get to know each other’s reason to dive or to be there.

Once the boat was all set to go after crew or divers had loaded up dive bags & food stuff for the weekend. The ride will be about 20-40 minutes dependant on the weather,. but generally it was smooth and comfortable.

When you were near to Tenggol island, Tenngol Beach island resort frontage (also the meal area) will greet you. This is where you will gather, grab a drink and be briefed on the resort orientation and allocated your rooms.

On left of the meal shed (when you are facing the beautiful turquoise clear sea), is the dive center where all your dive briefing, equipment rentals & gearing up will take place for the next few days.

While my eyes was wondering & sweeping the resort with the “first timer” instinct, rooms were allocated and a nudge from my buddies cum room mates signalled that it was time to check out the rooms…

The big rock slab pathway that leads to the room reminds me of my outward bound days where we tracked the jungle and scale “mountains”…hahaha

The room was quad sharing and there were 3 beds in the room, one single and 2 queen size.
Here you see my room mates/buddies unpacking and getting ready for diving…

In a flash, you see everyone gearing up at th designated gear up area near the shore. There were like 3 groups of divers this weekend, but there was no hassle or crowded shafting. Everything was well organised, every different group had their own area. After the dive briefing in the Dive center shed, we head to our areas and started to gear up…

Once we “jumped” into the boat, the speed boat broke through the turquoise clear water and head towards our dive sites – house wreck, turtle points, gua rajawali.

Into the water, we just turned into happy souls searching for excitement , bubbling away with weightlessness and keep signalling to each other like we had endless things to say that didn’t quite finished on land.

The wreck was a draw coupled with the clear visibility and the colours that the ocean plants & creature added. It was simply breath- taking ….literally….bubbles! bubbles & more bubbles

Bumphead parrotfish, turtles, nudi branches & the school of reef fishes hovering around us with almost “curious” expression is just invoked more signalling amongst us.

Amidst the bubble noise, my newly found hubby couldn’t resist a selfie under water… the yellow stuff seemingly coming out of his nose is actually the camera string flowing its way to the rightful owner….hahahha

We ended our dives for the day with lots of excitement and laughter. Newly made friends, silly gestures underwater & the “mis-comms” between newly found buddies all made up good stories to share for the evening meal times

The second day flow is largely similar to the first day, except that we started with breakfast & more warm smiles between each other. One of the best things about diving, it breaks down international barriers, be it culture, language or even colours 🙂

We had more exciting dives at Tokong Timur, the edge & mini highway… more of everything, the laughter on the way to dive sites, more bubbles underwater & a black tip shark decided to share its curiosity spurred up more hands signals….

On the third day after breakfast, its time to bid farewell to this fantastic place. I missed watching the sunset or sunrise where its rays will cast a shadow on the beach with its infamous inverted signage on the beach. A long deep breathe to suck in the ocean scent and the beautiful & calming view this island presents… we are off back to the main land…

Forming a human chain to transfer our wet and heavy dive bags to the bus waiting point, still full of laughter & jokes… To me, this is a heart warming scene to signify the bonds and friendships that were established during the past 3 short days. From “to each is their own” when we first step foot on this jetty 3 days ago, to now “ Ai ho! Ai ho!…” working as a team…

This is the reason i LOVE diving!

….Love from a 11 years old diver…

Law #76910

Care to Dive. Dive to Care.


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