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Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. In some parts of the world,  White Day is celebrated on 14 March. Both occasions call for expressions of love, typically manifested in the form of chocolate, flowers or a candlelit dinner. As divers though, are we really content with the norm?

1491483_667373656637655_1326599658_o Challenge the status quo this Valentine’s Day! We feel that romance should be celebrated with the most potent symbol of love: the sea. Get away from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself and your dearest in the tranquil sea. Sail through the seas and explore Tioman in its exotic beauty, diving from sunrise to sunset with whom you love.

This Valentine’s day, Eko Divers is offering you a chance to save your wallet while impressing your significant other or a close friend you want to bring out for Valentine’s Day. We are giving away a romantic weekend dive trip for two to Tioman on board our love boat MV Nautica! Win a chance to spend a weekend in comfort in MV Nautica’s romantically decorated Premium En-suite. Spend the weekend descending into Tioman’s deep blue while intimately gazing into each other’s eyes, only to end the day with a candle lit bbq dinner under the stars. Exploring exotic dive sites, surprises waits at every turn, and having an adventure with someone you love; it doesn’t get any more romantic than that! entire board

Starting from the 13th Jan 2014 till 12th March 2014, Eko is giving you the chance to win a romantic getaway. Come and write your love declaration on the Love Board at Eko Divers! Your declaration can be in the form of a post-it, photograph, lovenote, postcard, drawing or anything creative you can come up with. You have to bring your declaration down to Eko Divers and put it up on our Love Board.

The BEST declaration wins a romantic diving trip for two on MV Nautica. It is as simple as that, so get your arts and crafts out and make the best declaration this Valentine’s Day/ White Day. You can write a love declaration for anyone or anything, be it your significant other, your best friend, your pet, your mum or even an inanimate object like your favourite dish or even a pillow. Be creative with your declaration!post-it, photograph, lovenote, postcard, drawing or anything creative you can come up with. You have to bring your declaration down to Eko Divers and put it up on our Love Board.


Drop by at your own time with your very own declaration and winners will be disclosed on 12th March 2014, at Eko Divers’ White Day Event at our shop.

Terms And Conditions**
By participating in the competition – whether as a competitor or voter – you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
Competition Duration and Eligibility
1. The Competition Duration is 11:00Hrs on 13th January 2014 to 16:00Hrs on 12th March 2014.
2. Entries or votes received before or after the Competition Period will be declared invalid and will not be considered for purposes of issuance of prizes.
3. Each content owner will be required to have a valid One Diver account with Eko Divers.
Competition Mechanics
Submitting Content
1. To submit content, visit Eko Divers at Blk 13 York Hill #01-44, S(162013) with your personal love confession and display it on our “Love Board”.
2. Participants may voluntarily upload their content via Facebook in order to elicit votes and be considered to win a prize.
3. Each content submission must be a single open letter on any subject and may be  addressed to any person of the participant’s choice.
4. A participant may submit as many content items as he / she wishes.
5. Any content that is plagiarised or morally offensive and / or pornographic and / or calculated to incite one person or group of people against another or annoy any  person will be disqualified and the participant will not be eligible to receive any prize in connection with such content. Eko Divers reserves the right to disqualify the participant from the competition.
1. Voters may submit their votes via Facebook under “Love Confessions with Eko Divers 2014” album.
2. Any person may vote as many times as he / she wishes for any content submitted by any participant.
Selection of Winners
1. Votes will be counted by Eko Divers crew.
2. Votes received in respect of multiple content items submitted by the same participant will be consolidated for purposes of the prizes.
Award of Prizes
1. The winners will be announced during our White’s Day event on 13th March 2014, 7pm.Collection / Issuance of Prizes
1. The prizes will be collected by the winner in person at White Day event with Eko Divers.
2. The prizes may not be transferred or exchanged for cash.
3. All prizes must be claimed and scheduled within 3 weeks from the date of announcement of the winner, failing which the prize will be deemed to have been forfeited.
4. Standard Trip Terms & Conditions Apply.

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