Eko Divers’ X’Mas $1 Auction!!!

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If you have not heard yet Eko Divers will be having another $1 Auction Event on the 12th of December 2013!!! It would be our first X’mas Auction ever, so expect a lot of goodies up for grabs. It would be a great opportunity for those who wish to get gifts for X’mas as well as pamper yourself we new dive equipment. Here are some of the items that are going for auction…


We have many items up for auction so lets start with the accessories and miscellaneous items…

First off we have the IQ fish caps. Good to use for any dive trip to protect your head from the scorching sun or just to look cool and differentiate yourself from people on the boat.




Ever had a problem you do not know where to put your stuff on the boat in fear it might get wet? Well how better than to have an Fish IQ dry bag to store everything, keep things dry as well as look like a well-prepared diver.




Can’t figure out what you saw underwater? Let these fish ID slates help you.


Fish Identification Slates - Standard Edition copy

How about an uber powerful cutting tool that can cut through any rope, line, webbing and many more. The powerful Eezycut Trilobite Cutting Tool.



At the top of our accessories list is an Aunoc 1CR dive light which is small, compact but packs a punch. Will illuminate any Night Dive with ease.



Not interested in bidding for any accessories, it’s alright because we have many soft gears you can choose from. Such as the plain but durable Mares Opera Mask.



or if you are looking for exposure protection we have an Akona wetsuit up for bid as well as Aropec rashguard and gloves.

Akona-3mm-Quantum-Stretch-Wetsuit a75902e0-48d1-4633-b333-299e4eb100e2_SS51WDPK 20120427142929


and at the top of the list is a shot-sleeved Sharkskin Rashguard especially for the ladies and a Bare vest for the men….

download (1)download (2)



Still not convinced to head down to Eko Divers for the $1 Auction. Let us wet your lips a little bit more. For this X’mas our main event item will be not 1 but 2 items that will make your trip down worth while.

Ever felt getting your own BCD is a bit too expensive or impractical? What if we said we are offering a Diverite Travelpak BCD with a starting bid of $1!!!



The last and final item on the list is an essential piece of equipment every diver should have to make diving easier as well as more convenient. A spanking new Suunto D4i!!!

Suunto D4i


There should be enough reasons in this post for you to head down to Eko Divers this 12th December 2013. As it is X’mas we are extending an offer to everyone to comment on our blog or our Facebook event page http://on.fb.me/1bgJJZo to let us know what you want to bid for this x’mas. Who knows you might be lucky and get your wish.



*items auctioned may vary from pictures depicted above*




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